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May 18th, 2016

Warwick the fantastic brand it is, has thought hard about what is important to us Aussies and released a new line called “Naturally Warwick”.

Warwick is fulfilling our desire to connect with the natural world, interiors from l to modern and everywhere in-between are bringing the outdoors in.

The recent launch of the “NATURALLY WARWICK” brand articulates design’s attraction to nature.

Nature is embraced with organic textures and tones and the comforts of gentle, natural fibre fabrics such as Haven a 100% premium, Belgian linen fabric along with Habitat, Papyrus and Patina.

Autumns seasonal influence means shades of chalky and pastel tones creating a cosy and down to earth feeling.

Warwick applauds the strength and sustainability of natural fibres while keeping each product durable and meeting the demands of everyday life, making this line the perfect window treatment for your home. A trend for 2016 possibly, but we are convinced natural styling is here to stay. Are your interiors getting closer to nature?Warwick-Naturally-Insp-600x500Haven-1-600x908