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Winter 2017 Colour Trends

June 1st, 2017

Warwick one of our amazing drapery suppliers has given us there opinion on how to combat the cold rainy days that are just around the corner..colour! This season it’s all about tones inspired by nature, colours that offer a sense of warmth and luxury. Spice up your existing colour palette with Warwicks gorgeous feature colours and create a look that is contemporary, sophisticated and effortlessly on trend. These classic colours have been redefined to offer a modern aesthetic that will transform your favourite room into the perfect haven of colour and style.


Here are their top 3 colour picks and run down on each for winter.


                                                                                Striking and Bold Brick:


Reminiscent of the rich reds and warm orange tones that can be found in the winding alleyways of an aromatic spice market, Brick offers an earthy colour palette that is nurturing and bold. Colours such as Terracotta, Rust and Marsala help to create a cosy atmosphere with a visual warmth that is perfect for contemporary interiors seeking a naturally inviting aesthetic.

A striking hue that offers depth and character, this spicy colourway will make an impact when used in its solid form on feature walls, furniture, bedheads and drapes. Brick is also perfect as a highlight or accent with the use of textured cushions and rugs. Pair a splash of Brick with classic colours such as deep green or navy to create a traditional setting, or mix and match Terracotta tones with the earthy textural colours of wood or brass to achieve a style that is timeless and refined. For fashion forward interiors seeking a modern vibe, combine rich shades of Rust with complimentary in-vogue colours beetroot, blush and bold coral


The Richness of Caramel:Just like the smooth and luxurious combinati  on of caramel and chocolate, this colourway is an alluring combination of warmth, indulgence and sophistication. Caramel is back with a modern twist, offering gorgeous shades of Camel, Manuka and Hazelnut that will help take this traditional hue to a whole new level of glamour and style.

Create a bold and captivating look that provides a refreshing perspective by pairing buttery shades of caramel with deep shades of Navy and Forest Green. Velvets and furs paired with rich caramels create pure comfort with a warm and opulent feel, while cool dark colours and lush green houseplants provide a sense of balance and contrast. For the ultimate style statement, mix and match Caramel tones with brass, wood and stone in an overall aesthetic that 04_Jade_Winter-Trends-2017-600x666is natural, earthy and ambient.

Whether it’s modern sofas with clean lines or classic chairs boasting ornate details, Caramel in any texture will enhance the shape and form of any piece of furniture and create effortless style and sophistication.


Earthy Elegant Jade


Pretty and serene, Jade is a tempting colour that will bring an earthy softness to existing interiors. Providing a refreshing contrast to the ever-popular Forest Green that is currently dominating contemporary spaces, this calm and soothing colour palette is perfect for rooms that crave peace and tranquility. From textured bedheads to tailored sofas and beautifully upholstered accent chairs, Jade is a relaxing hue w03_Caramel_Winter-Trends-2017-600x666ith natural sophisticated style. For those seeking a style that is daring and bold, a pop of Coral will provide a bright and playful contrast next to hues like Seaglass and Ivy. A cool colour with soft undertones, Jade pairs wonderfully with classic neutrals and wooden accents to create a more traditional aesthetic that is balanced and elegant.